IRMAK TANITIM, which is BEHÇETOĞULLARI TURISM HOTEL /Hampton by Hilton Istanbul Zeytinburnu and Behçetoğulları insurance company’s sister company, is the Turkish distributor of the world-known German pen brands.
Our brands are STABILO Promotion, Schneider Pen Promotion and HERI Stamp Pen Promotion. Our product range, which is collected under the SHENCO brand, consists of the products we choose with the experience we have gained from our experiences. We always inspect every step of our products from factory to production and from transportation to printing.
We safely recommend our BRANDED PENS, which remind your brand effectively to your target audience, and our SHENCO CONCEPT PROMOTION products we share on our site and we experience the excitement of each project together. The high quality standards of our brands and our customers’ satisfaction statements make us happy and shed light on our next project.
IRMAK TANITIM holds stock from a portion of promotional items. Our stocked products are in various colors and models suitable for everyone and respond to the last minute decision-makers in a short time. Our products that we supply by order are suitable for our clients who have time, a project and a plan to progress. The minimum order quantity of our stocked products varies from product to product. In special projects, the delivery times of the products selected by our customer vary according to the order name or stock quantity. Our aim is to answer your quest for quality and long lasting products.
“NO ONE IS PERFECT” If we have errors or shortcomings that you notice, we will correct our deficiencies as soon as possible.
We thank our customers who work with us and prefer us.
John Berger says ‘The child will look and try to identify before they start talking’  At the beginning of the book compiled on the BBC TV series (Vision Forms) and continues, “As soon as we see something, we realize that it can be seen in ourselves at the same time. Bi-directionality of discussion is more oppressive than two sides of talk”
IRMAK TANITIM says “Hello” to every new day for professional service to offer the most effective way of leaving a trace by using the power of looking action.
In order to be among the first companies to be called in your publicity projects,
  • Directing each stage of the project by evaluating from our customers point of view.
  • Selecting and presenting the most effective product in line with your desire
  • Since we are aware of the fact that printing is as important as the product, we put your logo in the forefront in the most appropriate measure
  • Executing timely and trouble-free deliveries of your products according to your plan
  • Providing accurate information
  • Paying attention to quality control