Quality ” Made in Germany” Schneider is proud to be able to use the made in Germany slogan, which is recognised worldwide as a symbol of quality. This is applicable to both our products and our company ethos.To guarantee such a high standard across the whole range, we design, develop and manufacture exclusively in Germany; from the refill to the finished writing instrument.Throughout 70 years of trading our continuous emphasis on research, technical innovations, experience and uncompromising quality has produced a range of products that are ideal for communicating your company message reliably and successfully 2018 is not only the year in which Schneider will celebrate its 80th birthday, it also will be 20 years since we were first awarded EMAS certification Project Details Categories: Schneider TR Tags: Schneider Kalem schneider pen schneider promosyon schneider turkey Schneider Türkiye schneiderkalem

Schneider K15 Tükenmez Kalem / IRMAK TANITIM

Opak plastik parlak yüzeyli tükenmez kalem. Metal klips, dekoratif halka ve basmalı düğmesi.Schneider dolum 770 M. refill ile donatılmıştır.

Retractable ballpoint pen with shiny surface in opaque plastics. Metal clip, decorative ring and push button. Equipped with Schneider refill 770 M.
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